Microsoft 365 Business Starter

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Enhance your business productivity with Microsoft 365 Business Starter. Get a 5GB email service and reliable email protection. Explore now!


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Microsoft 365 Business Starter: Empowering Your Business with Essential Email Services

Are you looking to kickstart your business with minimal costs? Look no further than the Microsoft 365 Business Starter package. With its cost-effective features and comprehensive email services, this package is perfect for first-time business owners.

Essential Email Services

The 365 Business Starter offers you a reliable and efficient email solution for your business needs. With this package, you'll receive 5 GB of email storage, allowing you to manage your communications effectively. Whether it's sending important messages to clients or collaborating with team members, our email services ensure smooth and seamless communication.

Cost-Effective Solution

Starting a new business can be financially challenging, and we understand the need to keep costs low without compromising on quality. The 365 Business Starter is designed specifically for those who want to embark on their business journey with very little investment. By providing only the essential email services, we offer you a budget-friendly solution that meets your requirements.

Secure Communication

Keeping your business communication secure is of utmost importance. With 365 Business Starter, you can rest assured that your emails and sensitive information are protected. Our advanced security measures ensure that your data is safe from cyber threats, providing you with peace of mind as you focus on growing your business.

Start Your Business Journey Today!

Ready to take the first step towards entrepreneurial success? Choose the 365 Business Starter package and get access to essential email services at an affordable price. With our reliable and secure platform, you can start your business journey confidently, knowing that your communication needs are well taken care of.

Invest in your business's future with 365 Business Starter. Sign up now and unlock the full potential of your new venture!

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Microsoft 365 Business Starter is designed to be a budget-friendly option for new businesses.
  • Essential Email Services: Enjoy reliable email services with 5 GB of storage for efficient communication.
  • Secure Communication: Protect your business emails and information with advanced security measures.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate and manage your emails, contacts, and calendars with an intuitive interface.
  • Start Your Business Journey Today: Take the first step towards entrepreneurial success with Microsoft 365 Business Starter.

Additional information

Email and calendar

Easily schedule meetings and respond to invitations using shared calendars, Email with a 5 GB mailbox, Manage your calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings, and get reminders, Use a custom business email

Security and compliance

Control access to business information with security groups and custom permissions, Manage security threats by creating password policies, Protect your business against spam and malware with cloud-based email-filtering, Secure access with multifactor authentication

Support and deployment

Access to help/troubleshooting tools, videos, articles, and forums, Around the clock phone and online support, Have peace of mind with a financially backed 99% uptime guarantee, Technical support for installation, setup, configuration, and general usage





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