What is Elevate Card?

With the proliferation of digital banks in our current era, competition among them has significantly increased. Here, one of the digital banks, Elevate, emerges as an American electronic banking account. It stands as a strong competitor to well-known American digital banks like Payoneer and Wise, as well as e-wallets such as RedotPay and Skrill. In this article, we'll explore how to get a $10 gift when signing up through the provided link.

Features of Elevate Card:

Upon opening an Elevate account, you'll directly receive an American bank account and a virtual MasterCard for free, with no annual fees. This allows you to receive transfers directly into your American bank account and easily link your account with services like PayPal. Moreover, you can make purchases online with the card without limitations or restrictions.

1- Adding Funds

Elevate operates as an American bank account under “Bangor Savings Bank,” established in 1852, with 54 branches in the state of Maine, USA.

Adding funds via bank transfer:

After creating your Elevate account, you'll receive your American bank account details directly, allowing ACH and wire transfers to receive funds and link services requiring an American bank account, such as PayPal and Amazon.

Transferring money between friends within Elevate:

The Elevate app also allows easy money transfers between friends via email. Simply specify the amount, add your friend's account, and transfer directly.

2- Withdrawal Methods from Elevate:

You can also transfer money from your Elevate account to any bank account worldwide by adding their banking details like IBAN and Swift Code and initiating the transfer directly. Additionally, you can withdraw funds to your bank account and receive them through your bank in either USD or local currency, as this account supports transfers to most countries.

3- Card Type and Usability:

Elevate provides a virtual Dabit card by MasterCard, enabling global transactions and purchases from various international stores. It's accepted on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, AliExpress, and others.

4- Card Validity Period:

You'll receive a virtual Elevate card valid for 4 years, a lengthy period without any additional annual fees or fees upon initial card issuance.

Fees and Limits:

Elevate service fees are as of the publication date of this article.

Card issuance fees
Virtual card feesFree
Elevate virtual card renewal feesFree
Monthly/annual expensesFree

Spending fees
Card purchase fees%1
Transfer via ACH$1
Transfer to Egypt via SWIFT in local currency%0.9 with a minimum of $2
Transfer to Pakistan via SWIFT in local currency$1.5
Transferring to other countries via SWIFT in the local currency%1 with a minimum of $2
Transferring to any country via SWIFT in dollars$10

Deposit fees
Transfer within ElevateFree
Deposit via ACHFree
Deposit via WireFree

How to Get an Elevate Account and Gift:

First, sign up for Elevate via email using the provided link to receive a $10 gift.

Next, download the app and complete verification procedures using your personal ID or passport to receive the card directly.

Finally, to keep up with all offers, discounts, and cashback for the card, subscribe to the “Offers and Discounts” channel on WhatsApp.

Lastly, make transfers equivalent to $1000 and receive a $10 gift immediately.

For inquiries or assistance, feel free to leave a comment below, and we'll respond promptly.

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